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TURBOFLARE AA-Multi-Pak         Turboflare AA, Red TURBOFLARE AA  Traffic Control Kit   "NEW ITEM"
Switches Red to Green for complete traffic control by the operator [touch button]
Traffic Wand — Red/Green, Solid-Flash-Strobe
Item Details
Traffic Wand — Red/Green, Solid-Flash-Strobe
Item Name
Traffic Wand — Red/Green, Solid-Flash-Strobe
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Traffic Wand TF-16-R/G: The Ultimate in Traffic Safety

When it comes to directing traffic or signaling during crucial operations, the TF-16-R/G is your ultimate lighted wand/baton designed for optimal visibility and efficiency. Crafted with an advanced LED technology, this rugged traffic wand ensures you’re seen and can safely guide vehicles or crowds in any setting.


  • Dual-Color: Choose between bright red and green modes for optimal visibility.
  • Multiple Lighting Modes: Includes steady glow, flash, and strobe functionalities.
  • Rugged Design: A durable white body that's made to last.
  • Water Resistance: Engineered to perform even in challenging weather conditions.
  • Extended Battery Life: Up to 72 hours of continuous illumination with C-Cell batteries.
  • User-Friendly: Comes with a slip-resistant rubber grip for a steady hold.
  • Safety-Centric: Eliminates the hazards commonly associated with standard flares.
  • No Bulb Replacement: LED-based, ensuring you never have to replace bulbs.


  • Traffic and Crowd Control: Efficiently manage vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Police Operations: Essential for nighttime checkpoints or emergency signaling.
  • Military Procedures: Reliable for various military signaling and guidance needs.
  • Search and Rescue Operations: Ensure high visibility during crucial rescue missions.
  • Marine Signaling: Perfect for nighttime or foggy marine navigation.
  • Event Parking: Guide guests safely during nighttime events or in dim parking areas.
  • Aircraft Signaling: Essential for ground crew during nighttime operations or in low visibility.
  • Fire and Rescue Operations: Ensure clear communication during emergencies.


Exceptional Visibility: With a brilliant dual-color, 360° illuminated surface, this wand seamlessly transitions between red and green modes, providing flexible signaling options for traffic flow. Whether you need a steady glow, a flashing signal, or an attention-grabbing strobe, this wand has you covered.


Durable Design for Challenging Situations: Its rugged white body is built for longevity, ensuring that whether it's used for regular traffic control or specialized police operations, it stands resilient. Rain or shine, this water-resistant wand guarantees performance, making it an essential tool for search and rescue operations or marine signaling.


Extended Operation: With the power of C-Cell batteries, expect up to 72 continuous hours of illumination. That’s three days of non-stop use, perfect for prolonged events, aircraft signaling, or fire and rescue operations.


Safety and Comfort Combined: Beyond its bright display, the wand is designed with user safety in mind. The slip-resistant rubber grip ensures a steady hold, minimizing risks often associated with standard flares. Moreover, with its illuminated wand feature, nighttime parking guides or military procedures can be executed with added confidence.


Whether you’re in the field of traffic safety, event management, or a part of critical emergency services, the TF-16-R/G Traffic Wand is an indispensable asset. Elevate your safety standards and ensure streamlined operations with this top-of-the-line traffic safety wand/baton. Secure yours today and lead with confidence.


TF-16-R/G Traffic Wand Operating Instructions

  1. Color Selection:
    • Red Mode: Press the button once.
    • Green Mode: Press the button again.
    • Switch Off: Press the button a third time.

  2. Steady Glow:
    • Quickly press and release the button.

  3. Flashing Pattern:
    • Press and hold the button for approximately 4 seconds. The wand will transition from Steady Glow to Flashing Mode.

  4. Strobe Pattern:
    • Press and hold the button for approximately 6 seconds. The wand will transition from Steady Glow to Flashing, and then to Strobe Mode.

Ensure you familiarize yourself with these functions for optimal utilization of your Traffic Wand.

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THE TF-16-R/G is your ultimate hand held wand/baton designed for optimal visibility and efficiency. Made to last, Very tuff and easy to use.
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